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National Post Resto Review Sept 5 2009 Eat this Flick!

The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy's dystopian novel, will send orthorexics, those who trash processed food and those who eat it, viral. All Viggo Mortenson and Kodi Smit-McPhee can glean from the apocalyptic devastation is canned food. A coke's never looked so good.
Nor will a big fat steak from Toronto's finest, Harbour Sixty (60 Harbour St. 416 777 2111) Harbour Sixty Bone in Rib Steak $51.95. Starter: pan seared foie gras, mango, icewine reduction $38.95.

Cooking with Stella could be a food network show: Canadian diplomat /chef Don McKellar gets cooking lessons in the complex art of Indian cooking from embassy housekeeper Seema Biswa. Taste buds will be activated full time so moviegoers are encouraged to make tracks for the fine Ayurveda cuisine at Curry Twist ( for 3034 Dundas W. 416-769-54600 - a bit of a hitch from downtown) for Baigan Bharta
,smoked mashed eggplant 9.95 Salmon in creamy masala sauce $13. house specials like Curry Twist Chicken.

Creation is a serious go at sexing up science, Charles Darwin as a human rather than an ape. On his deathbed, he allegedly reflected that sandwiches disproved evolution. So skip the food for thought and visit an oyster bar for fine array of mollusks from Malpeques to Galway Flats, Kumamotos, Belon- Rodney's by Bay (56 Temperance, 416-703-5111) or Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill (100 Adelaide E 416-366 7827}.

Capitalism - A Love Story. What agro artist Michael Moore got up his supersized sleeve. Take him seriously and book in advance at The Fifth Grill and Terrace (25 Richmond St. W 416-979-3005), Toronto's ode to conspicuous consumption on top of Easy nightclub. Now offering a summer prix fixe $39 for three courses, $49 for four, including filet mignon with bearnaise, asparagus risotto.

Jennifer's Body is about a cheerleader (Megan Fox) turned cannibal, an insatiable Carrie with real teeth. Keep fright night going at Blowfish( 668 King St W 416 -860-0606) music bouncing off the walls, with quick eats, crispy crab, shrimp and scallop with lemon and tamari kewpie dips $10, roasted duck breast with fresh papaya, mango and honey pineapple sauce $22.

The Informant! Matt Damon is the whistleblower at Archer Daniels Midland - which is charged with cornering corn, one of the cornerstones of our processed food diet. If you're dining with an organichead, find meat that isn't finished with corn - like the filet of horse at Osteria Ciceri e Tria (106 Victoria St. 416-955-0258} taken from a Chinese style menu where nothing is more than $15.

The Men who stare at Goats. George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges are new age warriors with paranormal techniques. Among them, they stare at goats and kill them. Can't face meat, so visit lchi Riki (120 Bloor E 416-923-2997} and be entertained by Riki, maestro and storyteller of the raw fish narrative. Horse mackerel sashimi $9, yellow tail $13.

The Young Victoria. Early life of racy Empress of India glimpsed in demure Emily Blunt who's getting it on with Rupert Friend. Only the place to be seen will do for afterwards. The terrace at One in the Hazelton Hotel (118 Yorkville 416 961 9600} for grilled Dover sole with orange and hazelnut brown butter - market price.

Dorian Gray, Colin Firth and Ben Barnes now play the corrupter and corruptee in Oscar Wilde's danse macabre, Dorian Gray. Right place is elegant French hang the $58 prix fixe at Didier (1496 Yonge 416 925-8588} eggs in ramekins, black truffle, foie gras, Madeira sauce, sea bass and Hollandaise, contre-filet and frites.

Atom Egoyan's Chloe is a steamy triangulated tale of sexual jealousy starriing Juliannne Moore, Liam Neesom, Amanda Seyfried. Prepare for screening with breakfast at Union (72 Ossington Ave, 416-850-0093} in the city's hot neighbourhood, the nearest thing to a Paris cafe, pastis, homemade baguette, or an early lunch pork and shrimp burger topped with a fried egg $12.

The Invention of Lies posits that without lies, there is no fantasy or fiction. After writer Ricky Gervais tells his first lie, his world turns upside down. Digest this wisdom at Splendido (88 Harbord St 929 7788} and celebrate with pappardelle, pulled rabbit, artichokes $17, and particularly the cheese plate featuring Canadian winners like Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, Fifth Town's hard goat cheese, Quebec's Grey owl and more at $7 a slice.